My past health issues:

Years ago my body was a mess. I was sick often; it was normal for me to get two or three colds a year.  Not just sniffles but full on body aches, sore throat and significant time in bed.  It would happen when the weather changed, and it didn’t seem to matter if I took extra precautions.  Additionally, I was working out six days a week and just could not seem to lose the extra weight I put on with each pregnancy.  You know, the pounds you see when you try on bathing suits and pulling up your favorite jeans.  I was eating sensibly.  I didn’t over indulge beyond the occasional candy bar or weekday glass of wine.  But, the equation of less calories and more exercise just wasn’t working for me.  To say I was frustrated was an understatement. I knew I was doing everything “right”, so why wasn’t I feeling better?

Introduction To Something Powerful:

Can you imagine something simple, like adding something to your water would change the direction of your life?  It did for me!  My husband introduced me to a new product that you added  to water and drink it throughout the day.  He lost ten pounds in two weeks!  I was always looking for something that would give me better results in my pursuit of my “healthy” body.

It wasn’t long before I was adding the powder to my water as well.  The changes I felt in energy, my sleep patterns and my ability to modify my body were remarkable.  I knew there was something powerful about this product – and I couldn’t wait to see what it would do for clients, family and friends.

A Simple Answer:

liv-green-bottleThe simple act of putting Liv SXinney into my water every day created a 9% loss in body fat in just 90 days.  I was astounded!  And this powerful change in my body started me on a path to really change my life.  I had to understand why this chlorophyll drink was making such a difference.  It had everything to do with alkalizing my body each and every day.  It was the detoxification that came from cleansing the cells in  my body.  It felt like magic!

Bye-bye colds

Bye-bye sleepless nights

Bye-bye excess body fat


Taking This Information To Help Others

IMG_2489I was empowered with the basic knowledge of alkalizing the body and started looking for ways to educate myself so I could help others.  I found a wonderful program at The Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in Fort Bragg, California.  Over a 2 year period of time I would become certified as a Whole Food Nutrition Instructor, a RAW food Educator and Chef.  I authored Go RAW-Recipes To Get You Started, and The Rejuvenation Juice Fast.   I conducted Whole Food workshops in Salt Lake City, Utah.  And my most proud moments were in helping hundreds of people start their own path to better health and weight release using the LIV products.  The changes I’ve seen in people as they rediscover their health has brightened my life in so many ways.



Seeing Changes In My Family

IMG_5395My husband’s health changes went beyond weight loss.  He was afflicted with diverticulitis, a gut problem that caused pain when it would flare up.  It would always seem to ignite right when we would have a fun trip planned or during the holiday season.  Later we would discover that stress would have a great deal to do with the flare ups.  My husband’s stomach problems went away almost immediately.  His last diverticulitis episode was in the winter of 2008 and since he’s been hydrating with Green20 he has not had a problem since.  His weight loss and dedication to rebuild his athletic body has evolved over the last five years.  Now he plays Senior Softball with a team who competes throughout the western states – and wins!  And I can’t keep up with him when we go hiking!  He’s added years to his life by making changes in his diet, increasing his exercise level and consuming LIV products.  His favorite Liv Products are Green20, Go and Smart.

jordan-soccerMy daughter was a competitive soccer player in high school.  She was subjected to training for her sport five days a week and traveling to different cities with little sleep.  No teenager eats a perfect diet and she was no exception.  But, she did seem to dodge the colds and headaches her teammates would get after coming off a trip.  I believe it was the extra boost she got from the LIV products BLOX and Green20.  Today she is a certified personal trainer working in Alaska.  She knows the power of supplementation as it relates to changing a person’s body.  Her favorite products are LIV SXinney, Go, Smart and Zing.



Creating a Lifestyle, Not Just a Quick Fix

IMG_1256I coach changes in lifestyle habits to gain long lasting results in personal body modification and rejuvenation of a person’s health.  Simple changes like changing your hydration and selecting alkaline snacks can bring good initial results.  Taking bigger steps, like eliminating gluten, selecting multiple lifestyle supplements and reducing stress in your life, can bring greater results.  When you understand that it is the choices you make each day that either build up your health or tear it down, then you begin to feel empowered to create your best life.  My entire SXinney Life lifestyle program is built around these ideas.