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workoutgirlLIVGREENThe SXinney Life Lifestyle is not a diet. Dieting has become a thing of the past! I’ve always coached my clients to eat for your life and create a lifestyle to live that life to the fullest!

So, what is the SXinney Life Lifestyle? It’s a strategy to increase your nutrition, supplement your way to health and weight release and create a beautiful body mind-set!

Get the recipes, coaching tips and highly valued information which will help you create your personal SXinney Life Lifestyle.

“The SXinney Life products and Joline’s fantastic tips helped me lose 50 pounds and begin an active life. I have never been healthier or happier.”

SXinney Life Lifestyle COACHING PACKAGE

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th-2The SXinney Life Lifestyle Recipe Offering: (A recipe will be sent to you each week)

easy to make

no ‘weird’ ingredients

gluten free


“Your program blessed my life and my family’s life too. We have made changes to the way we eat and live and are going to keep going.”

vegetarian and clean animal protein recipes

fresh ingredients with whole fruits and vegetables

natural sweeteners

abundant flavor



 love-yourself-enoughYou’ll discover which “Treat” you can keep in your SXinney Life

You’ll learn how to add SUPER FOODS into your diet – that taste delicious

You’ll get recipes for your kids

You’ll discover how to make a SXinney Cocktail

You’ll find out which foods are best before a work-out

“I learned new ways to look at food and how to eat. And I loved the support and education. Thanks for being you!”

Find out which of the Liv Products will increase endurance and athletic recovery

Discover a proven strategy for using the Liv products for weight release

Discover a mental strategy for refocusing your thoughts to good healthy food

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