Accomplishing weight release that is long term takes changes in lifestyle.  With proper hydration, appropriate calorie intake and a healthy digestive system you can start become very successful at reaching your ideal weight. Liv has a KIT made just for the person who is NOT interested in the fads of weight loss but ready for a lifestyle commitment to health.
Liv’s products are made with quality raw ingredients which are tested and scientifically proven to help a person release weight.

Releasing weight begins with proper hydration and tools for a new lifestyle!

Liv’s Ideal Weight Lifestyle kit has both healthy hydration and behavior modification products for a lifestyle of correct weight management.
  • Liv SXinney will keep you hydrated, resistant to hunger pains as well as provide ingredients to help you burn fat.  Alkalizing and full of minerals, Liv SXinney is available in either a caffeinated or non-caffeinated version.  Mint flavor for non-caffeine option and mint and lemon for the caffeinated option (MAX).
  • Crave is Liv International tasty fiber.  Meant to eat on its own either between meals or after a meal, Crave helps with the feeling of fullness so you eat less. It also contains a pre-biotic to support your digestive health.  Crave tastes like a sweet powder treat and offers 5 grams of fiber per packet.
  • ClenzT’s gentle cleansing action assists your liver, kidneys, and colon in removing toxins and sludge. The average American carries 10-15 pounds of waste inside their body and it’s important to keep your whole digestive process moving when you are trying to lose weight.
  • LIVPro15 is a nutritious and tasty whey isolated protein.  With 15 grams of protein, it can be drunk alone or mixed with baked goods, pancakes, and smoothies.
Membership Pricing For Ideal Weight Lifestyle Kit is $170 ($250 RETAIL VALUE)
Membership, shipping, and handling are all included in this kit.
FREE Beverage Bottle included
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