Whether you’re an athlete trying to maintain your competitive edge or a person of fitness and high activity, you know you need proper nutrition and supplementation to achieve your goals. Liv’s MAX Performance Kit offers an electrolyte balancing hydration drink, and endurance and recovery L-Arginine drink and a protein powder which tastes fantastic all on its own.

  • Green20 – Chlorophyllins keep the body alkalized while the fulvic minerals in the Green20 feed your cells. Additional electrolyte minerals and Resveratrol are perfect for overcoming and
    maintaining a high level of exertion and recovery from that exertion. Offered in mint or lemon flavor, Green20 is a non-caffeinated beverage you can consume all day long.
  • Go NitriMax blended with L Arginine and L Citruline amino acids Go will produce a nitric oxide surge in your body. Nitric oxide improves performance, endurance, and recovery. With additional ingredients in the Go NitriMax drink you will experience a natural energy boost to help you perform at your optimal level. Orange citrus flavor, you mix Go NitriMax in 4 ounces of water and consume an hour before exertion.
  • LIVPro15 – Liv’s protein powder is a simple yet highly effective formula. Using coconut water as it’s base and 15 grams of whey isolate you get a quick shot of protein for your after workout regimen or you can mix it with blended fruits and vegetables for a high-impact smoothie. Vanilla flavor, 60 calories, dairy free, no sugar, sweetened with stevia.

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