[one][title]Who can enjoy Green20?[/title]

team-2Children: LOVE the taste of Green20. The fulvic minerals add the equivalent of a pound of vegetables to their diet.

Teenagers: They are the fussiest eaters and usually have the most hectic schedules. Lack of sleep and lack of nutrition will contribute to their weakened immune system and fatigue. Green20’s minerals, and Grape Seed extract contribute to building up their immune system and restful sleep.

Pregnant Moms: There is no better way to curb your nauseous stomach then a minty drink. We have had multiple reports from women in their first trimester that Green20 saved them. And then when babies are born with colic, the minty Green20 (diluted) can help tremendously.

Athletes: Athletes need electrolytes for recovery and powerful antioxidants for muscle enhancement. Green20 is completely natural and sweetened with stevia. It’s easy to drink during your endurance activity or after for recovery.

People with Auto-immune problems or inflammatory disorders: Green20 has cholorphyllins which have been scientifically proven to improve oxygen in your blood. This creates an anti-inflammatory response which may ease your discomfort. Many people have reported significant improvements from their ailments when drinking Green20 all day long.

Anyone wanting better health: We all hydrated with something throughout the day. Why not make it the greenest hydration on the planet? Green20 tastes refreshing in either mint or lemon flavor and is lightly sweet. It will naturally detoxify your body, support healthy digestion and restore energy. All benefits we want as we live our busy lives.[/one]