1. Helps you feel full so you eat less
  2. Helps to lower cholesterol
  3. Reduces risk of colon health issues
  4. Benefits gastrointestinal health
  5. Helps balance blood sugar
  6. Stimulates growth of beneficial bacteria in the colon
  7. Tastes great

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“While on a dreaded course of antibiotics I was taking Crave with each meal. It helped me successfully sail through it – without intestinal problems. I recovered quickly and felt fantastic! I am so thankful for Jeff Tuttle and these products.” – Lizette, Energetic grandmother with a new groove, thanks to LIV!

How to Use


Crave is a delicious citrus powder you can eat like Pixie Stix or mix it in your food and smoothies. Eat Crave before or after each meal. Crave is an important tool to use when managing your portions. Crave can also be used between meals to control cravings and hunger. 1 bag contains 30 stick packs