Liv SXinney’s ingredients are clinically proven to help you lose weight.  Liv’s President and Formulator, Jeff Tuttle is one of the most experienced health supplement formulators in the world.  He only uses ingredients that support the body’s own ability to transform metabolism, hunger and fat release.


 Forslean:  Made from an ancient Ayurvedic plant, Coleus Forskohill, grown in the mountains of Asia.  It helps build lean body mass and promotes fat cells to essentially release their energy and melt away.


Garcitrin:  Made from Garcinia Combogia which looks like a small pumpkin and is indigenous to India.  Dr. Oz has come out with support for this plant as it relates to healthy weight loss.  Science shows it will suppress the appetite and enhance fat-burning.


 BioPerine:  Comes from the extract of black pepper and is known as a “bioavailability enhancer”.  That means it will work with your body to ensure that all of the great ingredients in Liv Sxinney will be absorbed and used in the best possible way.


 SolaThin:  A pure potato protein extract consisting of several proteins, including protease inhibitor PI-2.  Promoting the feeling of fullness it has been clinically shown to help reduce food consumption up to 20%.  Because SolaThin delays the emptying of the stomach, you may stay full for several hours after eating and prevent you from excessive snacking between meals.


 No other product on the market today contains all of these ingredients to create a synergistic weight management formula.  Liv SXinney’s also has cleansing benefits from chlorophyllins and energy benefits from fulvic minerals, vitamins, electrolytes and powerful herbal extracts.  Many people report a sense of “lightness” and extra energy.


“Liv SXinney is fantastic!!! I have a long list of benefits I got from drinking Liv SXinney every day with my water. I used to have digestive problems like heartburn, bloating and IBS. I avoided stairs because I was carrying so much weight that it hurt my knees. Now I have lost 15 inches off of my body. I am back to exercising and my stomach feels flatter and tighter.” – Lucy, 50 year old wife and mother, Entrepreneur


“I am a mother of 5 wonderful kids. I have been using Liv SXinney for about 2 yrs and love it!! I have lost weight using it, and I also love the engery it gives me. I have never really had to struggle with my weight until about 3 yrs ago. I hit my highest weight ever without being 9 months pregnant. I had no energy or motivation either. After starting Liv SXinney I got down to my normal weight and had so much energy. I was able to accomplish so much more in a day, than I had done in years. I also had more energy to exercise. I can’t imagine going a day without Liv SXinney.” – Tracy, wife, mother and grandmother